Current Events

Upcoming Event: International Seminar on Right-Wing Extremism

Tuesday, 23 May 2017, 6pm - 8pm, Bloomsbury House, 2-3 Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2RL

In light of the rise of far-right populism in Europe and the USA, Demos and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) have organised an international seminar on right-wing extremism. This seminar will explore the shifting relationship between populism and extremism, and the new dimensions at play in both the growth and the policing of far-right crime and terrorism. This event will provide a forum to discuss the evolving nature of terrorism and hate crime motivated by far-right ideologies, and the interaction of these with mainstream discourses on issues such as immigration.

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Identity Politics - Overcoming Restraints of the Left

London, 16th March 2017: Heimat was a key concept used by Norbert Hofer and his campaign team in the presidential election in Austria. In doing so he utilised a tactic common amongst populists today of tapping into a sense of identity and using terms such as patriotism for their own good. The progressive left is too restrained to claim back this territory and seems reluctant to offer an alternative concept. Parties on the left, claiming to be catch-all-parties, lack a unifying narrative on identity.

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Future of Work - The Trade Union Perspective

London, 16th March 2017: The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung London in collaboration with the Involvement and Participation Association (IPA) invited trade union and business representatives as well as policy-makers to discuss the future of work in an advanced technological environment.

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A New Economy: "Inclusivity in Action"

London, 14th March 2017: With the UK’s upcoming exit from the European Union and the EU’s single market, Britain’s economy will change even faster in the next years. The importance of an inclusive economy has been stressed before and it is still an important topic of debate. FES London in cooperation with the Fabian Women’s Network organized a roundtable discussion which brought together experts from policy-making, business, think tanks and academia to discuss this subject, with a particular focus on inequality and the underrepresentation of certain groups in society within our economies.

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Work 4.0 in the Digital Society

London, 1st March 2017: FES London and IPPR hosted a workshop on the transformation of the labour markets fuelled by digitisation and automation. Policy-makers and experts from Germany and the UK came together to discuss policy ideas that can help shaping the new world of work in a participatory way.

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The European Union - Forgotten Guarantor of Peace and Prosperity in (Northern) Ireland

Berlin, 15th February 2017: The FES London office organised a roundtable debate on the consequences Brexit might have for the future of the Irish Island. As the EU is seen as the guarantor of peace since the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, it is undoubted that the peace process will be influenced by the separation of Britain from the EU within the next years.

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The impacts of digitisation on women in the labour market

London, 7th December 2016: FES London and the Fabian Women’s Network organized a roundtable event to provide insights in the ongoing digitisation debate and explore particularly what women will face by the transformation of the labour markets. The event was bringing together experts from policy-making, business, think tanks and academia.

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Brexit for millennials – How can young people be involved in the politics and process of Brexit?

Birmingham, 5th December 2016: In cooperation with CoVi, the FES London hosted an interactive workshop on the question “What do young people want from Brexit”. Over the forthcoming months and years there will be extensive policy discussions and negotiations to determine what Brexit will look like in practice. A vast majority of young people voted in favour to remain in the European Union. They are now facing a result of the referendum the did not vote for but the impact on their lives will be strongest.

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