For a better tomorrow: Why basic values are essential for Social Democracy

Jochen Dahm, Meik Woyke (2016):Social Democracy stands for freedom, justice and solidarity and guarantees basic rights for everyone: rights that protect and empower. Basic rights that are enshrined in the Constitution and function in practice. Basic rights in political, social, economic and cultural life. A society that guarantees such rights is a Good Society.

A Good Society requires progress, for simply to accept the status quo would be to perpetuate injustice and lack of freedom – and to preserve this state of affairs. For more than 150 years now, the labour movement has repeatedly drawn strength and hope from the certainty that
a better tomorrow, a better future are possible. The Friedrich- Ebert-Stiftung’s project “A Good Society 2017plus” is contributing to this cause in the here and now.

It asks: Where do we as a society stand on the road to a Good Society? Are we on the right road? Where do we need to steer in a different direction or even make a U-turn? What are the next steps on the road to a Good Society and to Social Democracy – until 2017 and beyond? These are the central questions of this project. One thing is clear: a Good Society requires greater equality. For equality is socially just, politically imperative and economically necessary.


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